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7th January 2014

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7th January 2014


Surprise Party


written by Nate Varrone

starring Nate Varrone, John Reynolds, Gary Richardson, Phil Meister, Carmen Christopher, Lindsey Smith, Emma Pope, Ray Gordon, Dan White, Alison Gates

directed by Kyle Bethea

edited by Kyle Bethea

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6th January 2014

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Yo, super excited about this.


We have two new house teams guys! We’re so excited to have them here with us!

Cool Jacket - Michael Finn, Eli Mandel, and Harrison George

Nasty Boys (real name TBD) - Carmen Christopher, Nate Varrone, Danny Catlow, Max Lipchitz, John Reynolds

28th December 2013

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Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” Was Intended to Inspire a Christian Metal Core Band

In a recently uncovered memoir, William Faulkner tells us his original intention when he wrote “As I Lay Dying.”

"I wrote the novel in the hopes that 70 years after it’s original publication a Christian metal core band would use the title as its name. Some may feel that this is far fetched, but I’d like you to take a deeper look into the text. When writing the novel, I chose to include 15 different narrators. This is, of course, eluding to the metal core sound, which sounds like 15 different male bison being run over by a push lawn mower. Granted, Christian metal core music hadn’t even been conceived yet. But, I knew in my heart that one bass drum wasn’t enough to contain God’s love for His children.

I mean, if impermanence of existence and identity DOESN’T scream Christian metal core, then I don’t know what does! There were a lot of obvious metaphors in the novel. For instance, childbirth was always connected to death, in some way, throughout the novel. This is of course speaking to the birth of Jesus Christ, which was the death of every other religion that wasn’t Christianity (the one true religion). Anyways, I’ve got to get back to writing my short story titled ‘Bullet for My Valentine.’ Cheers!”

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1st November 2013

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Introducing…Bert Sherbert: Physical Comedian

I’m thinking of starting a Twitter account for this character and only Tweet at Jim Carrey.  

Shot by Kyle Bethea 

Physicalized by Nate Varrone

Edited on Tim Lyons’ MacBook Air

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19th October 2013

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Well this is so cool.

Why Bob Odenkirk is the greatest, IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

We salute you bobby.



Well this is so cool.

Why Bob Odenkirk is the greatest, IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

We salute you bobby.

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15th October 2013

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5th October 2013

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